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We're a specialist psychology training company

Psychological wisdom, both new and old, is more vital now than ever. The kind of knowledge that can help us all lead healthier, more successful lives, understand ourselves and others better and enable us to influence our own minds and help others balance theirs. One day we hope 'uncommon' knowledge' will become everyday knowledge. Join us to help make this happen.

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Meet our specialists

Mark Tyrrell

Mark Tyrrell

Mark Tyrrell HGDip, DipHypNLP(BHR) has been working as a hypnotherapist and trainer since 1995. He has given lectures to thousands of health professionals on self esteem, detraumatisation and workplace bullying. He is co-founder of Uncommon Knowledge with Roger Elliott, and ran their Diploma in Solution-focused Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy for 10 years. He is author of New Ways of Seeing, co-author of The Giant Within and has created over 500 hours of self help products. More than 100,000 people a year subscribe to his email courses and over 10 million visit Uncommon Knowledge's psychology and therapy websites.

When he has a spare moment he plays tennis and trains in obscure martial arts.

Roger Elliott

Roger Elliott

Roger Elliott DHypPsych(UK), BEng(Hons) has been working as a hypnotherapist and trainer since 1998. In this time he has developed many ground-breaking methods of educating people about their own psychology, including the Uncommon Knowledge Diploma Course, the Depression Learning Path, the 6-Part Self Confidence Course, the Panic Attacks Course, plus a range of DVDs, CDs and tapes. Simplifying psychology is his great passion and he has gained a reputation as a creator of innovative and highly effective training materials.

Roger also enjoys contributing to his local community as a volunteer director of Atlantis Leisure, one of Scotland's longest established community-run social enterprises. When he's not doing that, he's playing with his two young daughters, chopping wood to get the family through the long Scottish winters or getting out on the water, of which there is a lot around his home in Oban.