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Train Online with Mark Tyrrell

Therapy, Counselling and Coaching Skills Online Courses from Uncommon Knowledge

We provide online therapy skills training courses in Uncommon U. These are highly practical, video-supported training with video of real clients sessions, demonstrations with actors and multiple formats (if you prefer to read than listen/watch for example).

Uncommon Knowledge has been training practitioners since 1999, and online since 2007. Our courses are known for being focused, practical and easy to learn from. Our goal is to ensure you finish the course with new skills that you know how to apply with your very next client. (Not to bury you in information!) And when you complete the tests in your course, we’ll send you a certificate for your clinic wall and a badge for your website so you can let your clients know.

Some courses are available all the time, some periodically. On the course description pages below you will be able to register your interest for any course that is not currently open for booking. All types of practitioners take our courses, from counsellors to life coaches, cognitive-behavioural therapists to psychologists, hypnotherapists to social workers. We’ll see you inside!

Online Courses