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  • How to Help Clients with Crippling Shame and Guilt

    The terms guilt and shame are often used interchangeably. But these feelings, though they commonly overlap, are distinct. Unlike guilt, which focuses on a sense of having done wrong to others, shame is more of a self-focused emotion.

  • Helping the Suicide-Bereaved Client

    Far from the common suicidal sentiment that “people will be better off without me!” the resulting trauma and grief can spread much wider and deeper than the suicidal person could ever have imagined.

  • Not waving but drowning: Are we leading lives of quiet despair?

    We do, and should, often take people at face value. Insisting all the time that someone tells you how they really are can spoil the atmosphere quicker than a parent at a prom party! Interrogation has never been a substitute for just letting people talk.

  • Research Roundup 13

    The danger of viewing everything exclusively through a scientific lens, rather than looking at things in the spirit of truth – what we might call ‘wise science’ – is that it splinters reality excessively. It loses the bigger picture. We become wiser when we understand not just the parts but also the living, wider patterns of reality.

  • How to Ease Your Client’s Nightmares

    Nightmares are trying to help us come to terms with emotional expectations that remain unresolved at the time of going to sleep. But, like an inflammatory response trying to combat infection, too much can cause terrible problems. So what do we need to consider when treating client nightmares?

  • How to Help Your Stressed Clients Quickly

    Whether it’s through your skilled teaching of breathing techniques, the more advanced skill of clinical hypnosis, or simply your calming demeanour, with really stressed clients the first step is to help them be calm enough to receive further therapy.

  • How to Help a Client Who Feels They Are ‘Not Good Enough!’

    We can become worthy of someone’s love after they fall in love with us… or we can enjoy the absolving light of love and stop demanding to understand why we are loved or why good fortune comes our way. We can cast off the restrictive ideas of deserving or not.

  • When NOT to Take On a Therapy Client

    All kinds of clients can present tricky behaviour. They might seem resistant to help but still turn out to be great to work with. But sometimes taking on a client may prove to be much more trouble than it’s worth – for you, and ultimately also for them.

  • Research Roundup 12

    Research showing yoga can help depression in the long as well as short term, evidence that we can create fake news in our heads, a study looking at depression in the final year of life, what helps with impostor syndrome, and an exploration of what love does to the mind and body.

  • When Life Throws Lemons

    So often we move through life merrily assuming we’re on firm ground, that just because things have been a certain way in the past they’ll carry on being that way. But – wham! – life has other ideas. This article looks into how we can best adapt.