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Watch Mark Tyrrell Treat Real Clients in Uncommon Practitioners TV

Join hundreds of therapists, counsellors, and coaches inside the World's first online visual learning platform for continuing professional development.

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What is Uncommon Practitioners TV?

Uncommon Practitioners TV (or UPTV for short) is a unique resource for practitioners of all persuasions. Inside you can watch videos of Mark Tyrrell treating clients using a range of therapeutic approaches and get access to a range of other exclusive practitioner resources. Uncommon Practitioners TV makes continuing professional development easy and enjoyable. Click play on the video above for a quick overview.

What sort of approaches do the videos show?

UPTV Client #2The Uncommon Knowledge approach to psychotherapy is fundamentally solution focused, brief therapy with CBT and hypnotherapy used liberally as tools. You will find examples of the following techniques in the live therapy videos: goal setting, hypnotic language, hypnotic phenomena, inductions, information gathering, miscellaneous techniques, reframing, resource location and amplification, solution focused questions, stories and metaphors, utilisation and more.

The approaches you will see incorporate techniques from Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Human Givens Therapy, Person-Centred Counselling, Coaching and many other schools of therapy.

What’s inside Uncommon Practitioners TV?

  • 144 Live Client Sessions – video sessions (most an hour long) featuring real clients with a variety of issues including depression, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, PTSD.  The videos are subtitled with insights into important strategies and techniques.  At least one new Client Conversation Session is added per month.  You can find the session you need by filtering the videos by issues addressed.
  • 133 Client Commentaries – the two founders of Uncommon Knowledge discuss each client session to give you a higher level view of the therapy.  At least one new Client Commentary is added per month.
  • 103 Technique Demonstrations – each 2-5 minutes long, these videos are scripted sessions demonstrating specific techniques.
  • Exclusive therapy worksheets  – in addition to exclusive, members-only worksheet resources, you will be able to download editable PDF versions of all the sheets from our free therapy worksheets library.
  • Instant answers to your questions – although you can put your questions to Mark directly on the monthly Q&A, sometimes you need an answer quickly. This is where our new digital assistant comes in. Trained on all Mark’s training materials – over 1 million words created over 20+ years – this system will give you instant answers to your therapy questions right when you need them.
  • Special cross-referenced Techniques Index – so you can find demonstrations from the live client sessions of a specific technique easily.
  • Highlights emails – an email from Mark every few days, drawing your attention to a particular aspect of a client’s treatment and giving you additional perspectives and ideas.
  • 10% off – all Uncommon Practitioners courses. Our courses only open periodically, but membership of Uncommon Practitioners TV means you can join at any time, and get 10% off the course fee.
  • 183.5 CPD hours inside right now, with more added every month.
  • Monthly Live Question & Answer Session with Mark join your fellow Uncommon Practitioners to ask Mark questions about a particular client session, a client you need help with, or anything else therapy-related.  You can ask your question live on the call or submit it beforehand, and if you can’t make the live session, recordings are available to download the following day (in mp3 format). You’ll also have full access to an archive of over 80 Q&A calls, each around 1 hour in length, from previous months, along with a note of all the questions asked.
  • The certificated Uncommon Psychotherapy course! (see below for more details).
  • Access to the Uncommon Practitioners Private Facebook Group where you can chat with like-minded practitioners, get support, discuss cases or just share your latest beautiful photo.

Uncommon Practitioners TV

Instant access to the UPTV online
US $33/month

Uncommon Practitioners TV

Instant access to the UPTV online
US $299/year
(equivalent to $24.92/month)

Some of the Issues You’ll See Treated in the 144 Live Client Videos

When you join, you will have immediate access to 144 live client videos, most of them around an hour long. Some clients are seen for a single session, some for multiple sessions. A synopsis of some of the client’s situations follows:

UPTV Client #1Client 1 needs help managing her worries, which stem from her 13 year old stepdaughter who is unruly and aggressive and insulting toward her. Although being a target of abuse is unpleasant for her, she worries about the welfare of the girl more than for herself. She has been feeling quite alone especially as she doesn’t always feel in alignment with her partner over his daughter. She wants help in “switching off” these worries enough so she can sleep better at night. Mark locates resourceful feelings and experiences in her life and works to link these feelings to her night time sleeping.

UPTV Client #2Client 2 feels overwhelmed by her life in this first session. So many stresses threaten to overwhelm her, blocking the completion of some primal needs. Although relatively young, she describes how she had suffered a stroke and stress may have been a contributor. She needs to find a way to slow down as during this first session she, as Mark points out to her, is talking like a horse racing commentator. Mark works to break down all this content to set an initial goal and make a difference quickly. Because she had told Mark emphatically (before filming) that hypnosis hadn’t worked for her in the past Mark seeks to reframe her perception of hypnosis not as merely a therapy tool but as a central aspect of what it means to be human.

UPTV Client #3Client 3 ostensibly comes for helping quitting smoking but it soon becomes clear she needs help to calm down, regroup and de-stress after a very tough six months. In this session Mark simply helps her feel relaxed so she can stop shaking and feel more optimistic about her future. Mark makes some more suggestions regarding smoking but primarily the focus of the session is to give her some hope that things can improve and that she can feel physically and mentally better.

UPTV Client #4Client 4 is a single mother, 24 stone and diabetic, and the main carer for her 21 year old autistic daughter. She also has a 15 yr old daughter and two older estranged children. In this first session she tells Mark she is depressed and anxious but wants help dealing with her anxieties first. She has a profound fear of parking her car in public places because of the feeling that she might have to make a quick getaway. She links this to the lingering effects of a violent relationship. She also has anxiety around hearing ambulance sirens and fearing her 15 year old daughter must have been injured or worse. She also tell Mark how she wants help to lose weight.

UPTV Client #5Client 5 has come for help wanting to overcome the trauma of being wrongly accused of historical child abuse. Mark discovers that he is an extremely able hypnotic subject and uses a conversational hypnotic induction with him in the session. Mark helps him overcome traumatic memories of being accused. This video also demonstrates many other fruitful examples of conversational hypnosis, reframing, solution focussed questioning, rapport building and resource location.

UPTV Client #6Client 6 has lost confidence in herself and her body. She describes how her mother died and how that since, she has been suffering from flashbacks of seeing her mother in the hospital. She is quite depressed and has become socially withdrawn. She feels guilty over not seeing her father as much as she would like because he lives so far away. Mark works to help overcome the PTSD in this session and also employs age progression and reframing.

UPTV Client #7Client 7 comes for help with panic attacks. Mark had helped her stop smoking 16 years before and she now needs help to stop the 10 panic attacks a day she’s been having for many years. She tells Mark about the first time she can recall having one years before when having to visit her estranged father. Mark encourages her to step outside of the panic. He reframes panic as wasteful energy expenditure and deeply hypnotises her so she can evoke a preferred future. Many weeks after the session Mark receives an email from her saying she hasn’t had any panic attacks since the session.

UPTV Client #8Client 8 needs help to overcome severe anxiety she felt when training in a hospital as part of her midwifery course. Such is the severity of her fear she had to stop the course and take a year out but she’s determined to go back to the course feeling calm and confident. She describes the nervous breakdown she had after the birth of her own son 10 years before. The anxiety is only in the hospital setting and was not manifesting in the academic university setting. Together, Mark and his client focus on goals. Mark locates some of her personal resources and induces hypnosis indirectly. She experiences the hypnotic phenomena of arm levitation during the session and Mark links this to her feeling calmer during those times in the hospital training setting.

UPTV Client #9Client 9 suffers panic attacks and low self esteem after having escaped a violent relationship. Her father had also gone missing and been washed up after having drowned. Mark seeks to deal with the panic attacks in this first session. Using solution focussed, goal oriented language, Mark seeks to externalise the panic attacks from who she really is and finds resources she can use to help her leave panic behind. Mark describes everyday experiences of dissociation to start the process of hypnotic dissociation in herself. During hypnotic trance Mark tells her a therapeutic metaphorical story relating to fear.

That is a synopsis of only 9 out of the 68 different clients seen inside Uncommon Practitioners TV. You can see summaries of all the Client Conversations currently available inside UPTV here.

Uncommon Practitioners TV

Instant access to the UPTV online
US $33/month

Uncommon Practitioners TV

Instant access to the UPTV online
US $299/year
(equivalent to $24.92/month)

What are Technique Demonstration Videos?

As soon as you join you’ll also have instant access to 103 Technique Demonstrations.  These are scripted sessions filmed with actors which makes it possible to clearly demonstrate specific techniques.  Articles written by Mark are included which relate to each video (or series of videos) – this helps set the videos in context and provide background information.  The demonstrations are split into different topics – client motivation, depression treatment, hypnotherapy techniques and psychotherapy techniques.

Watch a sample Technique Demonstration video below to see how they work:

This Technique Demonstration and 102 others are all available immediately inside Uncommon Practitioners TV.

BONUS: The Uncommon Psychotherapy Course

Boost your therapeutic confidence, remove complexity and create clarity

Uncommon Psychotherapy Course CoverThe Uncommon Psychotherapy course was originally planned as one of our suite of courses, but at the last minute the author Mark Tyrrell decided to put it into UPTV as a bonus. This came as quite a surprise to the rest of the team as the course took him hundreds of hours to create, and he recorded 25 videos and literally wrote a book creating it.

Uncommon Psychotherapy is the box that holds the tools of our other courses. It’s the background psychology we use at a deeper level; it’s about simplifying psychotherapy and removing confusion and complexity so that you as a practitioner have a fundamental, simplifying model of what people need to be healthy and happy, and some new tools to help them get there.

When you first join Uncommon Practitioners TV you will have access to the Introduction and Module 1 of the course. The remaining Modules will be released to you over the coming weeks, ensuring you don’t get swamped.

Your Certificate and Website Badge

Once you’ve completed all the course tests, we’ll send you a certificate, confirmation of 27 CPD earned and give you a badge to put on your website.

Read testimonials for the Uncommon Psychotherapy course here

How do I access Uncommon Practitioners TV?

Once you’ve joined you’ll be sent your login details for Uncommon U, our online training center, accessible through any internet browser or our free Uncommon U app.

Within this private login area, you have immediate access to UPTV and the introduction and first module of the Uncommon Psychotherapy course, as well as a discussion area (known as the Buddy Up Group) to chat about techniques, clients or arrange a meet up with your fellow delegates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does membership give access to all the content, or do I have to pay to view some?
Your membership gives you access to all the content in UPTV, plus an extra benefit of giving you 10% off any of our Uncommon Practitioner courses. The only content you won’t have full access to straight away is the full Uncommon Psychotherapy course (sections are released every 2 days) but you won’t have to pay any extra for it.

2. What sort of therapy is shown in the videos?
The approaches you will see incorporate techniques from Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Human Givens Therapy, Person-Centred Counselling, Coaching and many other schools of therapy.

We’ve created a Techniques Index in UPTV that shows you where you can find examples of the following techniques in the Client Conversation videos: goal setting, hypnotic language, hypnotic phenomena, inductions, information gathering, miscellaneous techniques, reframing, resource location and amplification, solution focused questions, stories and metaphors, utilisation.

3. What type of practitioner is UPTV valuable for?
UPTV is for everyone who is in the position of helping other people not just overcome emotional difficulties, but also in working towards helping people realise goals and aspirations.

Members enjoying watching real therapy sessions inside UPTV include counsellors, psychotherapists from all different disciplines, psychologists, hypnotherapists, life coaches, social workers and doctors, plus a myriad of others.

Now you may not have had the chance to observe actual therapy being done with real clients since your training and, if you’re not training right now, that might have been a while ago.  So just for the fact that it’s great to keep inspired by watching therapy being done and that learning through observation is the best form of professional development for many, then certainty UPTV is a great resource for all “people helpers” of all kinds.

4. How often is new content added?
New content is added every month (at least one new Client Conversation video and at least one new Client Commentary).

Uncommon Practitioners TV

Instant access to the UPTV online
US $33/month

Uncommon Practitioners TV

Instant access to the UPTV online
US $299/year
(equivalent to $24.92/month)

Testimonials from our Uncommon Practitioners TV members

"The real treasury of knowledge"

UPTV is totally satisfying and immediately distracted me from the... Read More
- Alexandra Ryabchenko, Hypnotherapy student, Moscow, Russia.

"Delivered in a way that is easy to understand and easy to apply to clients"

I've found Mark's approach to therapy refreshing. Yes, it's based... Read More
- Anne DeButte, Grief Coach, Ottawa, Ontario.

"A creative way to share and teach specific therapeutic methods and techniques"

I highly recommend UPTV. UPTV provides a creative way to... Read More
- Anne Grosklaus, Counselor, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

“It’s great to see actual client sessions, seeing how you deliver suggestions and reframes”

It’s great to see actual client sessions, seeing how you... Read More
- Anni Casey, Natural Therapies Practitioner, Sydney, Australia.

"Like having a consultation in supervision"

UPTV is a wonderful resource. I find it is beneficial... Read More
- Audrey O'Neal, Psychotherapist, New York, USA.

"I have found the UPTV and the monthly Zoom Q&A really useful with specific client problems"

I am a practising Human Givens therapist and am so... Read More
- Carmel Austin, HG Psychotherapist, Norfolk, UK.

"I find watching or even listening to Mark keeps me motivated and increases my confidence significantly"

I find watching Mark doing sessions is both educational and... Read More
- Carolina Selvarajoo, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Melbourne, Australia.

“UPTV has been a life saver for me as it keeps me on track as a counsellor/psychotherapist”

Having relocated to a small town in Canada two years... Read More
- Caterina Husbands, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Kingsville, Canada.

“It is refreshing to find someone who is as passionate as I am in delivering a qualified and professional service”

I am a qualified psychologist. I have over 20 years... Read More
- Chris Brydges, Mphil. BA. (hons) BA. Psychology, Burton upon Stather, North Lincs, UK.

“An incredibly comprehensive and unique resource for any student or qualified practitioner”

An incredibly comprehensive and unique resource for any student or... Read More
- Chris McFetridge, Hypnotherapist, Northern Ireland.

"I feel I am better equipped now and I still have the information to hand to re-visit whenever I need it"

I have gained so much from the professional knowledge within... Read More
- Christine Bailey, Hypnotherapist, Maidstone, UK.

“Using various skills and techniques is a requirement for any counsellor and therefore utilizing the various training you supply becomes a place which is a one-stop shop”

Finding the UPTV an extremely valuable resource, which confirms or... Read More
- David Snelders, RTS Training, Leicester, UK.

"Mark's approach is friendly and feels like he is actually with you in the room"

A fabulous course with excellent delivery. Mark's approach is friendly... Read More
- Deborah Simpson, Holistic Wellbeing Coach and Therapist, North Lincolnshire, UK.

"UPTV has provided a fantastic forum and I particularly value (and indeed absolutely enjoy) the Uncommon Psychotherapy course."

I am at a transition point in my career. I... Read More
- Dr. Max Coates, Therapeutic Coach and University lecturer, Wimborne, Dorset, UK.

"It helps me feel safe as a therapist and empowered to practice more effectively"

UPTV provides a wonderfully accessible form of CPD for me.... Read More
- Felicity Jaffrey, Human Givens Practitioner, Cairo, Egypt.

“So helpful to see the techniques that I’ve learnt”

So helpful to see the techniques that I’ve learnt and... Read More
- Geraldine Oxenham, Hypnotherapist, Hertfordshire, UK.

"I can't get enough of UPTV!"

As a newly qualified hypnotherapist I can't get enough of... Read More
- Gwen Glover, Hypnotherapist, Isle of Wight, England.

"As a means of professional development it's unrivalled"

An invaluable resource for practitioners. Carefully crafted to give a... Read More
- Ian Stevenson, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist, Surrey, UK.

“UPTV offers the incredible opportunity to watch and learn from professional and skilled practitioners”

UPTV offers the incredible opportunity to watch and learn from... Read More
- Julie Bridson, Registered Nurse, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

“I truly believe it is already transforming how I work with my clients”

I have been loving UPTV as it is teaching me... Read More
- Julie Taylor, Hypnotherapist, Kent, UK.

“I enjoy every minute!”

I got to know Uncommon Knowledge through my GP colleague... Read More
- Katalin Borbely, General Practitioner, UK.

“UPTV is a great tool for providing insight that I cannot get elsewhere”

I am currently studying for a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma. UPTV... Read More
- Kate Ellis, Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma student, Havant, England.

“I have found it entertaining absorbing and fascinating”

Just wanted to know if there is a download to... Read More
- Keith Travis, Hypnotherapist, Suffolk, UK.

“UPTV manages to be informal and yet very professional at the same time”

I regard UPTV as a tutor, a supervisor, colleague and... Read More
- Kris Jones, Hypnotherapist, Milton Keynes, England.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve watched something on UPTV and used it the very next day with one of my clients!”

UPTV is absolutely invaluable to me. I watch regularly because... Read More
- Kristin Rodreick Wilson, Clinical Social Worker, Minnesota, USA.

"An amazing resource to learn about therapy and improve my techniques"

The UPTV has been amazing for my growth as a... Read More
- Larisa Lipianu, Hypnotherapist, United Arab Emirates.

"Since I joined Uncommon U, my negative approach has changed. I now feel positive in helping clients."

UPTV and Uncommon U have helped me tremendously, being a... Read More
- Lenola Allen, Assistant Psychologist, Staffordshire, UK.

"An opportunity to observe an experienced therapist putting into action what I have learnt in theory"

UPTV is a fantastic, vast resource that I can just... Read More
- Lesley, Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, HG Dip P (Trainee), Exeter, England, UK.

“UPTV is giving me the confidence to put my theoretical training into practice”

I am a trainee counsellor and UPTV is giving me... Read More
- Linda, Trainee counsellor, Victoria, Australia.

“A cost effective way of improving my skills from the comfort of my home”

I find UPTV is really useful and a convenient way... Read More
- Lynda Roberts, Clinical Hypnotherapist, UK.

"UPTV provides a unique and fascinating link between theory and practice"

I find watching real clients having therapy much more interesting... Read More
- Lynne Marsh, Counsellor, Bexley Borough in Kent, UK.

"The work is low-key and specific, without hype."

I like the fact that material is covered in three... Read More
- Marcie Layton, Solution-focused coaching trainee, Manchester, England.

“There is nothing else like it for a therapist to gain the support to grow their practice and keep up to date with knowledge from the comfort of your own home”

UPTV is a MUST for any therapist to gain and... Read More
- Sara O’Donnell, Clinical Hypnotherapist/Counsellor at The Therapy Cabin, Kent, UK.

“The training is easy to assimilate and is giving me new insights and broadening perspectives to take into both my personal and professional life”

UPTV is a wonderful learning experience for me. I am... Read More
- Shirley Hughes, Psychotherapist, Byron Bay NSW, Australia.

“It is fantastic to see a practitioner in a real life session with explanations and discussions”

UPTV and the practical tips you are able to take... Read More
- Shona Handling, Essex, UK.

"A fantastic resource in my hypnotherapy training"

UPTV has been a fantastic resource in my hypnotherapy training,... Read More
- Siobhain Cunnane, Student of Hypnotherapy, Lancashire, England.

“I’ve really enjoyed watching Mark apply his approach”

I recently discovered UPTV and I’ve really enjoyed watching Mark... Read More
- Steve Blampied, The Mind Fixer, Trinity, Jersey.

“Imagine a ‘one-stop’ site where you can watch and learn deeper information about actually doing therapy with real clients”

UPTV is an outstanding therapeutic learning resource. Imagine a ‘one-stop’... Read More
- Susan Mundy, Psychotherapist and Hypnotist, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

"It is the best way to learn and puts into context the online learning"

UPTV is simply brilliant. It is wonderful to actually see... Read More
- Susan Ross, Hypnotherapist, Blue Mountains, Australia.

“The TV approach to teaching and learning is a great way”

The TV approach to teaching and learning is a great... Read More
- Tom Worrel, Hypnotherapist, USA.

“I find the information extremely useful”

I really enjoy UPTV! As a professional, I love to... Read More
- Tonya Moore, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, Dallas, Texas, USA.

“I find UPTV fantastic for quick referencing”

I find UPTV fantastic for quick referencing. If a client... Read More
- Tracy Bridgeman, Hypnotherapist/counsellor, London, England.

“UPTV is so resourceful. It’s become one of my most essential tools to support my learning”

UPTV is so resourceful. It’s become one of my most... Read More
- Vicky Chandler, clinical hypnotherapist and holistic kinesiologist, Melbourne, Australia.

"I was able to identify and work on issues that were most urgent"

I have benefited from incorporating some of the shared techniques... Read More
- Claudette Bailey, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Miami Gardens, Florida, USA.

"I really enjoy the Uncommon Practitioners TV - seeing hypnotherapy 'in action' is very useful."

I really enjoy the Uncommon Practitioners TV - seeing hypnotherapy... Read More
- Grace Jones, Hypnotherapist, Cornwall, UK.

"The distilled simplicity of what could have been complex material is brilliant"

I love the short, clear, categorized technique videos with actors.... Read More
- Anonymous, Instructor, Washington, DC metropolitan area, USA.

"An ideal opportunity to train listening attentively"

Apart from the courses - Precision Hypnosis and Rewind technique... Read More
- Friederike Huebner, Practitioner, Erlangen, Germany.

“Being able to observe an experienced practitioner at work with real clients appeals to my visual style of learning”

I enjoy having instant access to examples and information on... Read More
- Dr Susan Murray, Psychologist, Scotland.

“A thoroughly comprehensive offering. Thank you”

Having done a number of Uncommon Knowledge’s courses, I was... Read More
- Catherine Chadwick, Hypnotherapist, London.

“The best course I have had the privilege of participating in”

This is the best course I have had the privilege... Read More
- Sharron Middler, Retired Consulting Hypnotist, British Columbia, Canada.

“So much can be learned without conscious effort”

UPTV swiftly moves psychotherapy from the “world of theory” to... Read More
- Alessia Biciocchi, Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, London, UK.

“I am grateful for all the expert tips and information”

I am very happy that I discovered UPTV by accident.... Read More
- Maureen McDonald, Counsellor, Perth, Australia.

“The technique demonstrations were poignant and well explained”

As a newly qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I found UPTV useful... Read More
- Gizel Reeder, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, Sydney, Australia.

“It is good to see Mark’s honesty and integrity in action”

I like the way you explain the process as the... Read More
- Annie Szary, CBT therapist, Cardiff, UK.

“Mark has a wonderful, relaxed style that makes him very approachable to his clients”

I have just started studying Hypnotherapy through an online course... Read More
- Karla Bankhead, Intern Hypnotherapist, Idaho, USA.

“UPTV is rounding out my education and providing resources I didn’t get in my certification course”

I’ve only recently been certified as a consulting hypnotist, and... Read More
- Dana Reynolds, Consulting Hypnotist, Arkansas, USA.

“Really simplifies taking theory into the session”

UPTV is a wonderful resource using real clients and sessions.... Read More
- Michelle Mould, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, UK.

“I see the whole UPTV experience as a kind of mentorship”

I have found it unbelievably invaluable and helpful! I am... Read More
- Nicky Allison, Hypnotherapist, Naturopath, Astrologer, Melbourne, Australia.

“Provides a well produced and professional visual insight into counselling and hypnotic therapy in practice”

Uncommon Practioners provides a well produced and professional visual insight... Read More
- Michael Lloyd, Counsellor, Richmond, London.

“UPTV has improved my confidence no end”

I have just qualified as a Psychotherapist and am putting... Read More
- Karen Hornby, Psychotherapist/Mental Health Support, Cheltenham, UK.

“Watching real therapy with real clients is the best training possible”

Watching real therapy with real clients is the best training... Read More
- Penelope Ann Iveson, Hypnotherapist, Brighton, East Sussex, England.

“A neverending resource of knowledge, I love this”

There are many situations a therapist/counsellor is presented with each... Read More
- Karen Clements, Stress Coach, Melbourne, Australia.

“You get to be a fly on the wall watching first class practice at work”

It is useful, because you get to be a fly... Read More
- Dawn Walters, Teacher/Solution-Focused Brief Therapist/Human Givens Diploma student, Nottingham/Riyadh, UK.

“UPTV is really supporting and enhancing what I am learning on my course”

I’m a student Hypnotherapist and the whole content of UPTV... Read More
- Christine Bailey, Education Manager/Student Hypnotherapist, Kent, UK.

“A wealth of knowledge here, people… a good investment of your time and money”

I love the real world practical advice and the actual... Read More
- Kay Phillips, RN. Hypnotherapist, EFT Master Trainer, Quincy, Illinois, USA.

“I can not get enough of UPTV!”

Mark, I can not get enough of UPTV! I am... Read More
- Em, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dubai, UAE.

“It helps boost my belief that I’m on the right track as well as providing further insights and techniques that allow me to hone my skills”

Being able to see how other hypnotherapists interact with clients,... Read More
- Estelle Godsman, Dromana, Australia.

“UPTV is like having my own personal tutor, unraveling techniques, issues and best practice all in the one place”

UPTV is like having my own personal tutor, unraveling techniques,... Read More
- Gae Mackay, Clinical hypnotherapist, Darwin, Australia.

“I have watched some of them many times over and I always learn something new”

The client conversations are just THE BEST. Real people with... Read More
- Kathy Curtis, Student, Pennsylvania, USA.

“UPTV offers an affordable bank of knowledge that is easily accessed and full of original ideas”

UPTV offers an affordable bank of knowledge that is easily... Read More
- Nigel Lewis, Life Coach, Trainer, and therapist, Cleethorpes.

“I feel it increases my feelings of professional assurance and competence”

This site contributes so many ideas and, indeed, specific techniques... Read More
- Jack Herron, Consulting Hypnotist, Ontario, Canada.

“Living in Jersey it’s difficult to get to the UK for CPD and this is a great way of doing it”

Living in Jersey it’s difficult to get to the UK... Read More
- Anne, Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Jersey Channel Islands.

“UPTV has been a source of insight and inspiration”

Although holding a qualification in clinical hypnotherapy, I do not... Read More
- Wojtek (‘Voight’) Holgar, Online (app) self-development program developer, Brisbane, Australia.

“It has given me more confidence to start seeing my own clients”

As a recently qualified Hypnotherapist, I really appreciate being able... Read More
- Anne Harrison, Hypnotherapist, Northumberland, UK.

“I have found the information very useful as continuous CPD”

I have found the information very useful as continuous CPD... Read More
- Lynda Johnson, Holistic Counsellor, Lincoln, UK.

“Observing interactions between therapist & client is super helpful as a guide to aim for”

Real live therapy sessions show off techniques & conversation styles... Read More
- Philip Salt, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.

“Watching techniques being performed on clients has helped me understand the techniques more than I did previously”

Watching techniques being performed on clients has helped me understand... Read More
- Lynne Cole, Therapist, Wakefield, England.

“I am really pleased that UPTV is such a great resource and so professionally produced”

I have found UPTV an excellent resource. All the case... Read More
- Fiona Hughes, Hypnotherapist, England.

“I find UPTV simply FANTASTIC to consolidate my learnings”

I’m studying hypnotherapy and I find UPTV simply FANTASTIC to... Read More
- Rebeca, Shift supervisor at Starbucks, London, England.

“I have learned more on this course than in the two years that it took for me to complete the other training”

I have qualified as a counsellor/psychotherapist but want to say... Read More
- Carole Randell, Psychotherapist/Counsellor/Positive Psychologist/Transformational Coach/Hypnotherapist/NLP/EFT, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

"If you are a visual learner this will be of great benefit to you"

UPTV provides an opportunity to see therapy in action. If... Read More
- Linda MacGillivray, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Canada.

"I feel like I did at the beginning of my career - excited about learning and applying my new knowledge in service of my clients"

UPTV is an invaluable resource for both new and advanced... Read More
- Carolyn Hanesworth, Clinical Social Worker, New York, USA.

"I really like Mark's amazingly humble manner and his style of explaining things in a very practical, usable way"

I really like Mark's amazingly humble manner and his style... Read More
- Sarah 'Sorele' Perl, NLP Coach, Belgium.

"I've found it invaluable"

I have recommended you to my fellow trainees in my... Read More
- Tracy Martin, Trainee Counsellor, Devon, UK.

"It is great to have this resource to turn to when looking for inspiration for helping my own clients"

I am so pleased I have discovered Uncommon Knowledge. I... Read More
- Carmel Austin, Human Givens Psychotherapist, Norfolk, UK.

"Ignites a different pattern of thinking"

It is nice to have insights that I may not... Read More
- Linda, USA.

"The effectivity of this learning methodology is so brilliant"

UPTV is excellent - it organizes knowledge by pattern. It... Read More
- Tibor Szederkenyi, Coach, Székesfehérvár, Hungary.

"A unique insight for fledgling therapists"

UPTV offers a unique insight for fledgling therapists. Like a... Read More
- Jacqui Smith, Counsellor, Sydney, Australia.

Uncommon Practitioners TV

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Uncommon Practitioners TV

Instant access to the UPTV online
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