Working away from the office

Working from Roof
We love working from the office roof on a hot day!

Sometimes you can’t help but feel life’s a bit Groundhog Day-ish when you work from the same desk in the same office day in and day out. We’re humans, not hamsters! And variation is the spice of life.

So, here at the Unk office, we like to mix it up a little bit.

For example, on hot days last summer, we all worked from Roger and Lyndsay’s backyard.

Our new office also comes with a roof. We’ve bought some sun-loungers and plan on spending as much time up there as possible this summer…when it’s not raining!

It’s not just because we need a change. Here in Western Scotland, it can be a little difficult to get enough Vitamin D, which is vital for your health. It rains more than 300 days of the year in Oban, so we’ve got to make the most of the sunshine while it’s about!

Bridget working from roof

Oban is home to plenty of great cafés, but our favourite is the Oban Chocolate Company. It’s run by our friends Heather and Stuart and sells the most mouth-watering food you can imagine.

Sometimes we move our morning meeting, called a huddle, to the Chocolate Shop and call it a chuddle!

Or one of us will grab the laptop, go to the Chocolate Shop, and work from there for a change of scene.

Here’s Roger and Lyndsay doing just that!

Roger and Lyndsay working from chocolate shop

How else can we get out of the office but still get work done? Let us know your suggestions…