Become the go-to practitioner in your local community when a depressed person needs help.

Millions of people are now depressed.  Something must be done.

Most depressed people don’t want to take drugs, but they don’t know who to turn to.

I want them to be able to turn to you.

I want you to be known by their doctors, their families, their friends, as the person who finally helped them recover.

I want you to be known in your community as someone who can help depressed people, quickly and permanently.

So that doctors and other practitioners know who to send them to when they feel hopeless in the face of their depression.

Why do I want these things?

Because in my 15 years of training therapists, I have seen again and again just how many people fail to get the help they need, when they need it, with disastrous consequences.

I have seen caring, capable therapists give up their practices because they weren’t making the difference they had hoped, or just couldn’t make ends meet.

And because I know how it feels to face a hopeless, distressed person and not be able to help.

Are you a helper? Or a marketer? Or a business person?

It’s not easy being a lone practitioner. Trying to stay in touch with the reasons you first started helping others is difficult while dealing with the day to day pressures of marketing, running your business, and the isolation that can bring.

I know because I’ve been there. For years I had the long hard slog of trying to build up my practice.

And that slog was made all the harder by the depressed clients I was seeing who I knew I could do more for.

When I finally made the breakthrough of how to treat depression quickly, so much changed.

  • My clients started getting better right from the first session.
  • I started looking forward to seeing my depressed clients.
  • My depressed clients started telling their doctors and other caregivers.
  • And my word of mouth business just took off.

Why should being good at treating depression make such a difference to my business?

For a long time I wondered why. Why should it make such a difference when I helped depressed people, compared to all the other problems I treated?

Then I realised: Because no-one else could do it. Or at least, very few people could.

And doctors had been seeing these poor people for years – coming back to their surgeries again and again, and they felt just as helpless as the patients themselves.

So when someone came along who could make a clear and lasting difference, they really took notice.

And so the referrals rolled in.

But what was I doing that was so different?

You’ve heard a lot about this approach during the videos over the last week or so. And it might seem complicated, but I promise you it’s not.

In fact, complication is the last thing a depressed person needs. They are already confused and scared about what is happening to them. What they need is:

  • The Cycle of Depression and PhotosNew knowledge: Depressed people need a clear, easy-to-understand model of how depression works and why it is so awful. We call this the cycle of depression. We teach it to clients in the very first session and it almost always blows them away. I’ve seen depressed people laugh out loud with joy at the release this gives them, when they understand how simple and normal depression is. I’ll show you exactly how to do this on the course.
  • A break from the stress: Depression is always accompanied by anxiety and this drives depressive symptoms and creates a highly stressed brain. Without relieving this stress, little progress can be made. You’ll discover how to do this quickly and easily, and give them the tools to do the same.
  • New skills: Many areas of life contribute to depression. Until your client learns new skills to navigate their problem areas more effectively the risk will always be there. We cover every area of life and give you clear instructions for teaching the essential life skills for each, including simple thinking (cognitive) skills that take the power out of depressive thoughts.
  • New experiences: To be effective, therapy needs to take root outside the therapy room. Small tasks, carefully introduced can help re-establish a sense of competence and confidence.

And they need all this (and more) embedded in a setting of calm understanding from a practitioner who knows that they can help. This sense of confidence alone can do so much for someone who has given up hope of ever feeling well again.

The Course – How to Lift Depression Fast

After learning this approach (more years ago than I care to remember!), I started training therapists in it with my company Uncommon Knowledge. We did this for ten years on our year long practitioner diploma course. Hundreds of therapists from that course are now making a real difference to thousands of depressed peoples’ lives.

Then in 2007 we put How to Lift Depression Fast online, and continued the training to practitioners worldwide, all the time refining and improving the training material to make it simpler and easier to use.

We put it into home study format in a book and digital pack, and finally we have created this format, a combination of live calls and home study materials in a lovely new online space called Uncommon U which we created specifically to make online learning easy and enjoyable.

Join a community of like-minded people

Throughout the course you’ll be able to converse with your fellow delegates, discuss cases with them or myself, review and repeat any material as you feel necessary, and ask questions on the live call. (If you prefer you can email in your questions and I’ll address them on the call.)

We guarantee the course’s effectiveness

When I’m talking about this course, I find it hard to get across just how much I believe in it without shouting and waving my arms around.

And I believe that once you’ve completed the course, you’ll feel exactly the same. There’s nothing like the feeling you get from truly helping a depressed person to get you all worked up!

But I understand that this is a serious investment, and you need to know that it is going to be worth it, so the only thing I can really do to take the pressure off you is give you this guarantee:

I promise you will find treating your next 3 depressed clients an enjoyable and uplifting experience after completing the course. And that they will feel much better after the first session, and feel the best they have felt in years after 6 (if you need that many). And you are the judge. If you don’t agree this is the case, simply ask and I’ll refund you.

You see, I really want as many practitioners to know this approach as possible. I believe depression is robbing our families and communities of so much human potential, and we can do something about it. I hope this gives you the peace of mind you need to go ahead and book your place now.

What’s included in the ‘How To Lift Depression Fast’ course?

What's included in the How To Lift Depression Course (fig 1.)

  • Comprehensive course notes – 132 pages in book format, sent to you by post and also available online.
  • Course materials on CD – sent with your course notes book, this CD contains all the audio and written materials from the course.
  • Live Depression Treatment Video -Watch Mark treat a depressed man using the Uncommon approach.
  • Live Audio Sessions – Be a fly on the wall, listening to 3 live therapy sessions with Mark. You’ll see all the techniques come together.
  • 4 Free ‘Peaceful Moments’ relaxation downloads (value $35) – you can copy these onto CD or USB stick for your clients, available online or on your course materials CD as mp3 downloads.
  • Step-by-step depression session guide including depression teaching aids for your clients, such as the Primal Needs Checklist and Action Plan.
  • 2 Live Q&A calls with Mark where you can ask questions, either live or by email.  We also record them for you to download in case you can’t make the live calls, and they’ll be available as downloads (in mp3 format) the following day.
  • Your depression client question answered – the collective Uncommon Knowledge brain will work on your most pressing depressed client problem for you, in private by email.
  • Access to our online training platform, Uncommon U with private comments areas where you can discuss the course, clients, ideas and ask questions with Mark and other course delegates.
  • 2 video assignment sessions – videos from Mark on key topics, with supporting materials to embed your learning.
  • Self test quizzes to embed your knowledge.
  • Dedicated course support – Kirstin, head of our Uncommon Care Team, will be on hand to answer any queries you might have, either in Uncommon U, by email or by telephone.
  • Certificate of completion: On successful completion of the course, you will receive a personalized certificate.

What's included in the How To Lift Depression Course (fig. 2)Plus

  • ‘The Natural Depression Treatment Program‘ (value $195) a self-help program for depression sufferers and includes 17 deeply relaxing audio sessions and a 200-page workbook (all as downloads).
  • ‘The Learning Path’ eBook –  a 100 page eBook that you can print and share with your clients, to help them understand how depression works and how to beat it.
  • Reframing Training CD (value $60) containing role plays on how to change depressed peoples’ minds about themselves (a tricky skill we think you’ll agree!)

The course starts immediately, and runs until January 10th 2014. During this time, you can take the course at your own pace, although we do ask you to reach certain stages in time for the 2 Q&A calls.

As you know, registration is only open for ‘How to Lift Depression Fast’ until Friday 8th November. After that, we don’t plan to run the course again until the end of 2014 as we have other courses we are working on and want to further improve and expand Uncommon U.

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Testimonials from our previous delegates

I have found your course exceptionally good. I have undertaken a number of different trainings and feel I have a good toolkit (NLP, Hypnosis, CBT, SFT, EFT) and what I have really found useful with your depression course is that it has provided me with a really great structure and greater confidence and clarity in pulling it all together. Thanks for the course – it is really making a difference!
Sarah Humphrey, Occupational Therapist, Newcastle, UK

In comparison to the current view of mainstream medicine this approach to depression is much more sound and convincing to me.”
Dr Peter Ulle, Dentist from Graz, Austria

The course content is excellent. Everything is brought together in a clear and immediately applicable format. Understanding the Cycle of Depression is important for any hypnotherapist and I continue to find some of the key concepts essential, not only in working with my clients with depression but also in other areas such as anxiety, panic and migraine. A vital component of any therapist’s toolkit!”
Sophie Nicholls, Hypnotherapist, York, UK

What I particularly liked was the availability of the recordings so I could listen and re-listen as often as I wished, gleaning more from them each time.
I also thought that the support material was of a very high standard, broadening and consolidating the learning from the calls.
I found the content to be invaluable. It gave me a fresh perspective on depression and tools I can use with confidence with my clients. Thank you.
Maria Doherty, Psychotherapist and Life Coach, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

[The Trainers] were wonderful of course, and professional and approachable at the same time–tricky combination as I’m sure you know!
I learned so much and I hardly noticed. Thanks for so many skills and techniques and ideas. Best of luck to all at Uncommon Knowledge–I will spread the word as much as I am able!”
Bill Frazier, Hypnotic Skills for Positive Change, Baltimore, Maryland USA

I liked the build up of the course and the weeks focus, topics and practicality. I liked the interactive parts where [the trainers] got us to “think aloud” – some good ideas came up.
The Depression-Program is great resource of knowledge and ideas that I already use with clients with success, so I probably will come back to it for more ideas in the future.
All in all it is a great value course and got me to deepen my understanding and show me how much I already know and can use with clients.
Etai Gilad, Amsterdam

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Here’s the detail on how it works:

  1. You access the course by clicking the ‘Enroll now’ button at the bottom of the page. Your course pack will be mailed to you.
  2. You get immediate access to the course materials, including a welcome video from Mark, and access to the comments section where you can introduce yourself to your fellow delegates.
  3. You can begin Session 1 immediately, during which you learn about the Cycle of Depression via your free Depression Learning Path eBook. You listen to the audio lecture for the session and download the materials (which you will also receive by mail).
  4. You move on to Session 2, after which there is a short test. Once that is complete, you move on to Session 3, and so on through the sessions.
  5. As you go along, you ask any questions you have in the comments boxes you’ll find on every page, or save them up for the Q&A calls.
  6. You dial in for the first Q&A call and get to ‘meet’ other practitioners on the course. Or you wait until after the call and download the audio to listen to at your convenience.
  7. You continue through the course in this fashion until you have completed both Q&A calls and Session tests.
  8. You receive your certificate through the post from us.
  9. You continue to have access to the course materials online (all we ask is that you complete the tests by 9th January). You’ll also have all the written materials and audio in your course book and CD-ROM that we’ll send you by mail.

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