Uncommon Knowledge Office Tour

As the business has grown over the 10 years we’ve been in Oban, we’ve outgrown two offices, so we thought it was time to take you on a tour of our lovely new office.

We took our walking desk with us, so we can get up and get active while we work.

Roger on the office treadmill desk

And if the treadmill is busy, we can also use our standing desks, although no-one can use Roger’s without a boost, as he’s almost 2m tall!

Lyndsay using Roger's standing desk (tip-toes required!)

When it’s sunny we can pop upstairs onto the roof and work while the seagulls eye up our snacks.

Bridget working on the office roof on a beautiful summer day!

If we need to get together, we’ve got a lovely meeting room, where we skype our off-site people and stay in touch.

Uncommon Knowledge champagne tasting!

We’ve all noticed the benefits of a calm, spacious, light, clutter free office.

Kirstin and Ruairidh beavering away in the main office


Hope you enjoyed the tour!