About Uncommon Knowledge

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We’re a specialist psychology training company based in Oban on the beautiful west coast of Scotland.

Heading up the team are co-founders Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott. You’ll recognize Mark from all the videos we make and Roger because he’s…well…let’s say a foot above the rest of us.

Kirstin leads our brilliant customer support team alongside our support superstar and script editor, Rebekah, (we’re not JUST boasting – check out this rating system) and then there’s Ruairidh (spell that!) and Paul who do our marketing. Finally there’s the lovely Lyndsay who does a bit of everything and keeps us all in check.

We’ve also got awesome contractors who live all over the world: England, USA, Bangladesh, India and the Ukraine at the last count…

This blog is going to give you a behind the scenes look at the things we do and the fun we have.