A visit from our American translator

Mark and Rebekah
Mark and Rebekah - on the same continent!

One of the cool things about running an online business is that we’re able to employ people all over the world. At last count we have staff members in Bangladesh, New Zealand, Sweden, England and the USA, in addition to us lot in the office of course.

San Diego based Rebekah Hall has been working for us since 2009 firstly as an editor and more recently in customer service.

Since a large proportion of Hypnosis Downloads customers are from the USA, it’s great to have an ‘American translator’ to sweetly point out if we’ve used a phrase that won’t be understood across the Atlantic. And Rebekah works on customer service queries while we’re all tucked up in bed, keeping 98% of responses within 24 hours.

But although we spend a lot of time emailing Rebekah most of us had never met her before, which meant when we heard she was going to be in London for a month we decided to fly her up to Oban to meet us in real life.

Rebekah and Mark in front of CastleWe showed Rebekah the beauty of Western Scotland

Rebekah grabbed a seat in the office and spent a couple of days working with all of us, able to join in on meetings and break-time blether.

Oh and not to mention visit the chocolate shop, without which a visit to Oban just wouldn’t be complete.

Unk team at chocolate shopThe Uncommon Knowledge team bonding over chocolate

I used her visit as an opportunity to show off the beauty of the West Coast. Mark and I spent the day showing her around Glencoe, which Rebekah thought looked like something out of a film set.

Mountain and SnowYes we really did bring a Californian here!


Sadly Daniel Craig was not there to greet Rebekah himself.

Daniel CraigDaniel Craig was not in Glencoe that day

It was great to finally meet Rebekah. Online contact can be effective but there’s nothing like meeting in person and sharing stories.