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What Are Your Greatest Therapy Business and Marketing Challenges?

Let us know your most pressing problems and we'll see how we can help

Roger Elliott, Co-founder of Uncommon Knowledge answers your most pressing therapy business problems

In 15+ years of being in business in the therapy field we’ve learnt a lot, and solved a lot of problems.

We’ve gone from being solo practitioners to running a 7-figure business with staff and customers all over the globe.

And now we’d like to help you solve your business problems.

But first of all, we need to know exactly what they are!

Mark and I have put our heads together and come up with a list of 5 questions and we’re asking our practitioners to let us know what they’d like help with the most.

Which of these questions applies most to you? Let us know in comments below.

  1. I’ve just qualified, how do I start getting clients?
  2. I’ve been qualified for some time but only get a few clients, how do I go about getting more?
  3. I get as many clients as I can handle but I want to increase my income, what are some ways to do that?
  4. I have tried to sell products online but it failed. What did I do wrong?
  5. I’ve got some ‘autopilot’ income but I’m just flat out with clients and running my business and have no capacity to expand things further.

If you can let us know in the comments section which therapy business or marketing question you’d like help with (or suggest a question of your own) then we can see where the need is greatest, assemble the team, and write some articles about these issues for you.

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