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Uncommon Psychotherapy

Remove confusion and complexity from therapy and counselling and boost your therapeutic confidence

From therapy’s origins in stories told around the fire, modern psychotherapy and counselling has swelled into a behemoth, until today where it includes well over 400 different schools of thought.

In Uncommon Psychotherapy, Mark Tyrrell gets back to the basics of what it means to be human, while incorporating the latest research to help practitioners see clearly what people need to be well.

A note from Mark:

“After 20+ years of teaching therapy, I’ve finally found the time to distill down the essence of what we do at Uncommon Knowledge. It took many months and I (literally) wrote a book in the process. We wrestled with how to launch the course but in the end I decided that Uncommon Psychotherapy would reach the most practitioners as part of Uncommon Practitioners TV.”

So, as Mark says above, Uncommon Psychotherapy is now available free inside Uncommon Practitioners TV!

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