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Uncommon Psychotherapy

Remove confusion and complexity from therapy and counselling and boost your therapeutic confidence

From therapy’s origins in stories told around the fire, modern psychotherapy and counselling has swelled into a behemoth, until today where it includes well over 400 different schools of thought.

In Uncommon Psychotherapy, Mark Tyrrell gets back to the basics of what it means to be human, while incorporating the latest research to help practitioners see clearly what people need to be well.

A note from Mark:

“After 20+ years of teaching therapy, I’ve finally found the time to distill down the essence of what we do at Uncommon Knowledge. It took many months and I (literally) wrote a book in the process. We wrestled with how to launch the course but in the end I decided that Uncommon Psychotherapy would reach the most practitioners as part of Uncommon Practitioners TV.”

So, as Mark says above, Uncommon Psychotherapy is now available free inside Uncommon Practitioners TV.

Read more about Uncommon Practitioners TV (and Uncommon Psychotherapy) here.

Testimonials from our previous delegates

"I also learned a lot about myself."

The course was simple to follow and was explained in... Read More
- Alessia Biciocchi, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist, London.

"I was also struck that solution-focused psychotherapy shares many features with music (or sports) instruction"

My deepest appreciation and enthusiasm at the huge wealth of... Read More
- Claire Stancu, Clinical Psychologist, Vocal Coach, and Mental Coach for Performing Artists, Paris, France.

"I loved the course and it helped me gain a much deeper understanding of my clients’ needs and, in fact, my own needs."

I loved the course and it helped me gain a... Read More
- Claudine Grant, Hypnotherapist and Hypno-Coach, Lewes, UK.

"Something that I will treasure and use for the rest of my days practicing"

I can't imagine a more useful resource to base a... Read More
- Ian Stevenson, Psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, Lightwater, Surrey, UK.

"Module tests not only facilitate learning but are also really enjoyable and fun to complete!"

The course is well put together and packed with useful... Read More
- John Valliant Lauritzen, Psychologist, Denmark.

"This course has helped to fill in some blanks"

Uncommon Psychotherapy has been a really enjoyable and fulfilling course.... Read More
- Patsy Cain, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, Hampshire, UK.

"I think overall, the course is pretty comprehensive."

I found the course very informative and useful. I've gained... Read More
- Rebbecca Acharya, Hypnotherapist, Canberra, Australia.

"It has given me better insight into what people need."

The Uncommon Psychotherapy course has given me the confidence and... Read More
- Maureen McDonald, Counsellor, Perth, Australia.

"The Uncommon Psychotherapy course has given me a far greater depth of understanding, and as a result, the ability to more fully embrace and utilise the concepts and techniques in my practice."

The material provided in the Uncommon Psychotherapy has been consistently... Read More
- Gae Mackay, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Darwin, Australia.

"The contents of the course are enlightening, informative, comprehensive and easy to understand."

I would recommend Uncommon Psychotherapy as the contents of the... Read More
- Kris Jones, Hypnotherapist, England.

"Provides a very useful framework to integrate your knowledge and its application."

Uncommon Psychotherapy is in the forefront of what will be... Read More
- David Hugener, Psychotherapist, Madrid, Spain.

"A clear and concise course which is really user friendly!"

Uncommon Psychotherapy is a clear and concise course which is... Read More
- Lynda Roberts, Hypnotherapist and Trainer, Essex, UK.

"The most important course I’ve done in personal development."

The Uncommon Psychotherapy is the most important course I've done... Read More
- Rebeca, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, London, UK.

"Great background of helpful information about how and why people do what they do and how to help them change problematic behaviour patterns."

I'm a nutritionist and health coach helping women overcome their... Read More
- Beate Schneeberg, Nutritionist and Health Coach, Wallis, Switzerland.

"I am a better therapist because of it."

The Uncommon Psychotherapy course added to my already well equipped... Read More
- Anni Casey, Natural Therapies Practitioner, Sydney, Australia.

"Profound information that filled in some gaps of other training."

I have found the Uncommon Psychotherapy course to have some... Read More
- Sherry Wilkinson, Hypnotherapist, Canada.

"A great opportunity to see how other people achieve results."

Most practitioners I have come across run micro businesses while... Read More
- Marg Hobby, Life and Health Coach, Adelaide, South Australia.

"It went beyond my expectations! I learned so much!"

I am a mental health Occupational Therapist. I wanted to... Read More
- Manon Wathier, Occupational therapist, Brisbane, Australia.

"The Uncommon Psychotherapy course has given my practice greater depth."

I have been an education lecturer with University College London... Read More
- Dr Max Coates, Senior lecturer in education, University College London, Wimborne Dorset, UK.

Read more about Uncommon Practitioners TV (and Uncommon Psychotherapy) here.