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Treating the Angry Client: Podcast 085

This podcast is the narrated version of my article Treating the Angry Client.

When left untreated, destructive anger can steal friendships, partners, jobs and even health. Here are five calming tips to tame the beast within your angry clients.

In this episode I talk about:

  • How anger affects the brain (angry = stupid)
  • Anger kills – but not just the other guy
  • Discover what pushes your clients’ buttons
  • Insert some distance between clients and the source of frustration
  • Use rehearsal to help your client see wider
  • Don’t get angry, for pity’s sake
  • Help them deal with real frustrations
  • Inhabiting heaven

Or watch this episode of the podcast on video below:


  3. Ironson, G (1992), Effects of anger on left ventricular ejection fraction in coronary heart disease, American Journal of Cardiology, 70
  4. Repeatedly expressing anger can have the effect of strengthening the anger pathways in the brain, making us more likely to become angry more often, according to Donald Hebb, the psychologist who proposed ‘Hebbian learning‘.
  5. In one study, conducted at Stanford Medical School, heart patients were asked to recall times when they had been angry. Although, according to the patients, the anger they felt on recalling the events was only half as strong as it had been during the original experience, their hearts started pumping, on average, 5% less efficiently. Cardiologists view a 7% drop in pumping efficiency as serious enough to cause a heart attack.

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