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PTSD Treatment Without Reliving the Trauma: Podcast 031

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This podcast is the narrated version of my article Why There’s No Need to Relive the Trauma All Over Again.

“My father murdered my mother. Right in front of me and my brother. The police came and took my dad away and eventually he was put in a secure psychiatric hospital. After that, me and John went to live with our grandparents. That’s when the real trouble started.”

In this episode I talk about:

  • When talking makes things worse
  • Back into hell
  • Exorcising haunted minds
  • How your memories are made
  • PTSD – the memories that won’t fade
  • Healing haunted minds
  • Resurrected hypnosis and tapping
  • Be kind, rewind
  • The upshot for June
  • A new life
  • Confronting demons

Or watch this episode of the podcast on video below:


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