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Hypnotherapy for Letting Go of the Past: Podcast 015

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This podcast is the narrated version of my article 3 Hypnotherapy Techniques That Help Your Clients Let Go of the Past.

Amnesia is a natural process, we forget things all the time and never recall them again. But when a memory gets ‘stuck’ and doesn’t age, a client may need a little help allowing it to fade into the background. Hypnotic amnesia is a simple process of using the natural forgetting process to give a client more distance on a memory.

In this episode I talk about:

  • Casebook example: “I just can’t get my ex-boyfriend out of my head!”
  • How to prime the mind with examples of natural amnesia
  • Invite contemplation of what it will be like not to notice [X] so much
  • Why completely changing the subject induces amnesia.

Or watch this episode of the podcast on video below:

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