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  • Three Perceptive Ways to Spot Client Incongruence

    Incongruence – seeming to be one thing while really being or feeling another – can blight relationships or even whole lives. People can sometimes be honest with you as far as they know, yet if you dig a little deeper there may be other things going on. So what signs can we look out for?

  • Three Transcendental Tips to Help Your Sports Performance Client

    I’ve found that supreme sporting performance requires an optimal state of mind. And this is about not just what the participant has in their mind but, equally importantly, what they exclude from their consciousness. Here are some approaches I’ve found useful when working with sporting clients.

  • 4 Tips to Help the Passive-Aggressive Client

    I’ve occasionally worked with clients who exhibit that peculiar and often confusing blend of domination and aggression couched in supplication and appeasement. Apparent congeniality and agreeability laced with sarcasm and subtle obstructiveness. So, what specific patterns do we see in the passive-aggressive person? And how can we help them?

  • Should I Use Hypnosis With a Client Who Dissociates?

    “If dissociation is a fundamental part of hypnosis, is it something you would not use with someone who tends to dissociate?” Certainly it’s a great question. As you’ll see (or hear) in my reply, dissociation is a regular part of everyday life for all of us, but for some it becomes a dysregulated state and […]

  • How to Help the Hating Client

    Like obsessive love, hatred can make us feel alive. Its galvanising intensity can lend us energy – its single focus can make life feel meaningful. It can make us feel intoxicatingly certain. But it can ruin us.

  • Why Do People Believe Weird Things?

    We can all be induced to believe strange things and having ‘weird’ beliefs has real world consequences.

  • Research Roundup 17

    How do research findings connect to the bigger picture of reality? What do interesting psychological titbits actually tell us about the wider human condition? How can we increase understanding of ourselves and others, rather than simply accruing more information? In this occasional series I take five pieces of recent research and offer my take on […]

  • 3 Ways to Help Clients Overcome Past Emotionally Abusive Relationships

    Whom we get involved with can have major ripple effects in our lives. The after-effects of an emotionally or physically abusive relationship can include extreme emotional insecurity, chronic fear of abandonment, trust issues, or even symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. So what principles might we use to help our clients truly move on from past […]

  • How to Help Your Client Lose Weight

    Aside from the larger patterns of therapy, we can share some evidence-based tips with our weight loss clients to help support them towards their goal. I encourage my clients to factor these tips into their daily life in order to get slimmer without it seeming like some medieval exercise in martyrdom! Here are a few […]

  • How to Do Naturalistic Therapy

    From endless form filling and clunky information taking to one-size-fits-all hypnosis scripts and laborious explanations of what techniques we are going to ‘do’ to someone, the lexicon of bad practice posited as ‘best practice’ is scary. Therapeutic technique should flow from conversation and feel, as often as possible, like a natural part of the conversation. […]