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  • How to Help Your Client Deal with an Existential Crisis

    Is your client living as a square peg in a round hole? Are they surrounded by people who hold vacuous and narrow aspirations? Are they too self-absorbed? Meaning comes from connection and a sense of us rather than simply me. Here are a few strategies you may find useful with the so-called ‘worried well’: those dealing with existential crisis.

  • Why are CBT Outcomes Greatly Improved by Hypnosis?

    A large meta-analysis of 18 studies has shown that cognitive behavioral therapy is a whopping 70% more effective when used in combination with hypnosis than when used alone.

  • 6 Ways to Stay Sane During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    This piece isn’t about all the sensible precautions we should take to remain infection-free or prevent passing the virus on to others. Prudent hygiene and social distancing should be, by now, a given – at least for a while. But what of the emotional strain of being cooped up and, maybe, fearful or isolated? I want to give you a few pointers to help you keep your emotional life as balanced as possible in these alarming times.

  • How to Integrate Hypnosis Into a CBT Session

    We are thinking creatures, but we are also hypnotic creatures. And for therapy to be effective, it must take that into account. Thankfully, many CBT practitioners are now recognizing this central tenet of psychotherapy and incorporating mindfulness and other hypnotic techniques into their work.

  • A Vital Therapy Principle

    A therapeutic technique is only as effective as the human emotional or psychological principles it rests upon. The principle that anchoring attaches to is pattern matching, which can be extremely powerful – so it makes sense to form a technique or in fact many techniques around this basic principle of human experience.

  • Research Roundup 11

    This new study! That new study! We feel we’re getting closer to understanding human nature. But the wider context of what it means to be human can be missed unless we can be discerning and start to see more broadly.

  • 5 Therapeutic Strategies for Treating Anorexia Nervosa

    Anorexia has traditionally been seen as hard to treat. But there is hope. Of those who survive anorexia, 50% recover, 30% improve, and only 20% remain chronically ill. So people do recover from anorexia, or at least learn to live with it as it loosens its grip on them. And with better treatment options than ever before, there’s no reason we can’t help more people recover.

  • How to Treat Child Separation Anxiety

    Fear of separation – of being left alone and apart from someone significant (often a parent) – is a normal developmental stage many of us go through. But when the anxiety is severe, or if it doesn’t start to fade naturally past the age of four or five, help may be needed.

  • The Dangers of Comfort and Ease

    Just as excessive physical ease and comfort can erode bone density, weaken the heart, and soften the muscles, so too a deficiency of psychological challenges can weaken resilience and reduce opportunities for growth and self-knowledge.

  • 5 Golden Guidelines for Doing Therapy with Children

    When working with children, we need to get to see the problem from the child’s perspective and communicate with them on their level. Here are five guidelines to help you work more effectively with children.