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Articles on: Uncommon Philosophy

  • How Brainwashing Works (and is Working on You)

    We are, many of us, prone to shame, guilt, and the need to please others and fit in. These needs were exploited by the Chinese Communists, and they continue to be exploited today. An online climate of fear, guilt harnessing, revenge, collective shaming, and enforced grovelling apologies produces super fertile ground for brainwashing.

  • Hidden Secrets from the Past

    We assume knowledge progresses in straight lines, that we know more now than 10, 20, 30, or 3,000 years ago. But the history of knowledge tells us otherwise. Assuming we must be more ‘advanced’ than those who went before is a mistake.

  • Not waving but drowning: Are we leading lives of quiet despair?

    We do, and should, often take people at face value. Insisting all the time that someone tells you how they really are can spoil the atmosphere quicker than a parent at a prom party! Interrogation has never been a substitute for just letting people talk.

  • When Life Throws Lemons

    So often we move through life merrily assuming we’re on firm ground, that just because things have been a certain way in the past they’ll carry on being that way. But – wham! – life has other ideas. This article looks into how we can best adapt.

  • The Dangers of Comfort and Ease

    Just as excessive physical ease and comfort can erode bone density, weaken the heart, and soften the muscles, so too a deficiency of psychological challenges can weaken resilience and reduce opportunities for growth and self-knowledge.

  • The Cost of Freedom

    Have people in Western, industrialized countries forgotten how to be grateful? Being grateful, savouring, and noticing seem to make us not only happier but healthier. There is an ‘at least’ for every ‘but’.