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Articles on: Psychotherapy Techniques

  • reframe-negative-traits

    How to Positively Reframe Your Clients’ Negative Traits

    We all have certain ‘negative’ personality traits. And if we view those traits as irrefutably negative, it can make us feel hopeless. So how might we reframe ‘negative’ traits?

  • understanding-bpd

    Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

    Diagnosed cases of borderline personality disorder (BPD) seem to be on the rise. While working with a client with BPD may feel difficult, ultimately anything we can do to help such clients gain some emotional stability and regulate their emotions will help. So, what might that involve?

  • stop-negative-spiral

    How to Stop Your Client’s Negative Spiral

    There is a kind of unhelpful self-confidence in the mind of a negative client, at least as far as their sense of being right about how bad things are or will be is concerned. We need to help such clients develop the capacity for calmer, more hopeful and reasonable thoughts with greater perspective. So what […]

  • psychoeducation-with-clients

    How to Use Psychoeducation With Your Clients

    Psychoeducation can be a powerful tool for therapists to help their clients better understand their mental health condition, learn effective strategies for managing their symptoms, and take control of their mental health. So what pointers can be useful when we think about providing our clients with psychoeducation?

  • spiritual-questions

    How to Help Your Therapy Clients with Their Spiritual Questions

    Where did we come from, where are we going, and what is behind it all? Many of us have at some time wrestled with or just wondered about the bigger questions of life. And research suggests that addressing such spiritual concerns may help mental health. So how might we as practitioners aid our clients in […]

  • inner-child

    What is the Inner Child?

    Building a whole ideology around one metaphor can make therapists less flexible and fluid than they otherwise could be. But that’s not to say that some metaphors aren’t widespread in their appeal, even universal. So when might the inner child metaphor be useful, and how can it be used?

  • help-your-clients-name-their-feelings

    Why it’s important to help your clients name their feelings

    “How does that make you feel?” is a clich├ęd therapy question that sort of sticks in my throat. It makes me feel… yucky. And yet it’s something I need to get over. Because when we face what is inside, recognize and name it, we become stronger and less afraid. By helping our clients recognize and […]

  • use-time-travel-to-maximize-client-motivation

    How to Use Time Travel to Maximize Client Motivation

    The brain needs a clear sense of where we need to go, not just where we don’t want to be. Beyond just creating a psychological template toward which a client can work, hypnotic age progression can provide many advantages in therapy. So how can you use hypnotic age progression with your clients?

  • overcome-hypochondria

    3 Curative Steps to Help Your Client’s Hypochondria

    Health anxiety or hypochondria, a pathological fear of illness or even a psychosomatic creation of symptoms, is not uncommon. In fact, health anxiety may even be increasing. So what causes chronic health anxiety? And how do we help the hypochondriacal client?

  • teaching-mindfulness

    Mindfulness for Pain Management

    People have been using hypnotic techniques such as mindfulness for centuries to help ease physical pain, but recent research shows that meditation actually changes the way pain signals are communicated in the brain. So how exactly can we use mindfulness meditation to help our pain clients?