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Articles on: Psychology Research

  • research-roundup-18

    Research Roundup 18

    Wisdom isn’t a mere compilation of facts, acquired then put aside, only to be brought out occasionally to impress others like some family heirloom. I think we become wiser when we are able to make sense of what we know, contextualize it, and see where it fits in the bigger picture.

  • research-roundup-17

    Research Roundup 17

    How do research findings connect to the bigger picture of reality? What do interesting psychological titbits actually tell us about the wider human condition? How can we increase understanding of ourselves and others, rather than simply accruing more information? In this occasional series I take five pieces of recent research and offer my take on […]

  • research-roundup-16

    Research Roundup 16

    Reality flows and merges, and yet we fragment it into separate bits. This is useful sometimes, but we lose a sense of wholeness when we only approach knowledge that way. In this occasional series I take five recent psychological studies and attempt to see how they might fit into the bigger pattern of what it […]

  • research-roundup-15

    Research Roundup 15

    We don’t always get the complete picture from a part. And yet we’re spoon-fed or even hosed down with ‘factoids’ in a constant flood of information. In this occasional series I look at five recent research studies and suggest what I feel they may mean to the bigger picture of being human.

  • research-roundup-14

    Research Roundup 14

    Our world is now flooded with data. We’re deluged with snippets that might be vital, but more often mean little. Our brains aren’t really set up to sift, filter, and prioritize the blizzards of info bits we struggle through.

  • research-roundup-13

    Research Roundup 13

    The danger of viewing everything exclusively through a scientific lens, rather than looking at things in the spirit of truth – what we might call ‘wise science’ – is that it splinters reality excessively. It loses the bigger picture. We become wiser when we understand not just the parts but also the living, wider patterns […]

  • research-roundup-12

    Research Roundup 12

    Research showing yoga can help depression in the long as well as short term, evidence that we can create fake news in our heads, a study looking at depression in the final year of life, what helps with impostor syndrome, and an exploration of what love does to the mind and body.

  • research-roundup-11

    Research Roundup 11

    This new study! That new study! We feel we’re getting closer to understanding human nature. But the wider context of what it means to be human can be missed unless we can be discerning and start to see more broadly.

  • research-roundup-10

    Research Roundup 10: Psychiatric Diagnosis Discredited, Universal ‘Oneness’, Relationship Types and More

    We are bombarded by new psychological facts every day, but we need to fit them together into a bigger pattern of what it means to be human if we are to gain any real wisdom from this information.

  • research-roundup-9

    Research Roundup 9: Forgiveness, Depression Genes, Nature and Stress, Hypnosis and Dementia, and Pre-Op Hypnosis

    The latest instalment of recent psychology research looks at why we’re prone to forgive other people, research that seems to debunk the old ‘depression genes’ theory, exactly how often we need to feel connected to nature to lower stress, and how hypnosis can help alleviate symptoms of dementia and calm pre-op patients more than pills.