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  • Helping the Adult Parentified Child

    Having to be mature beyond our years early on isn’t always harmful. Sometimes it may help form wonderfully adjusted, productive, even happy human beings. But what about the disadvantages of an early life with little or no carefree play, overburdened with emotional and practical responsibility?

  • How to Help Your Clients Cultivate Wellbeing in Everyday Life

    Mental wellbeing is, of course, the primary focus of concern for people prone to depression and anxiety. But ultimately it’s vital for all of us. Here are just a few ideas for cultivating wellbeing day to day, to help us feel more able to cope and, dare I say it, even enjoy life in these […]

  • Research Roundup 15

    We don’t always get the complete picture from a part. And yet we’re spoon-fed or even hosed down with ‘factoids’ in a constant flood of information. In this occasional series I look at five recent research studies and suggest what I feel they may mean to the bigger picture of being human.

  • How to Help Your Client Through a Divorce

    Just like marriage itself, the experience of divorce can be radically different for different people. Some ex-spouses continue to torment or try to control, and financial worries can feel overwhelming. But these three principles will hold good for anyone going through divorce.

  • 3 Ways to Deal With a Narcissistic Client

    Just as the psychopath doesn’t tend to seek help to overcome their psychopathy, narcissists tend to be quite happy to be who they are. But if narcissism is, as the research suggests, on the increase, then by the law of averages you shouldn’t be surprised to find yourself sitting across from a narcissistic client, or […]

  • How Brainwashing Works (and is Working on You)

    We are, many of us, prone to shame, guilt, and the need to please others and fit in. These needs were exploited by the Chinese Communists, and they continue to be exploited today. An online climate of fear, guilt harnessing, revenge, collective shaming, and enforced grovelling apologies produces super fertile ground for brainwashing.

  • How to Help Your Client Deal with Unkind Critics

    Being on the receiving end of someone’s negative carping is demoralizing and downright depressing. Here I want to address how we can help clients become more resilient in the face of negative criticism.

  • How Therapy Delivery Has Been Affected by Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdowns

    Online therapy has taken off in a big way. And talking of size, we were surprised at the huge numbers of practitioners who took our survey on online therapy. So what, broadly, were the results?

  • What Have I Done?!!!

    The morally injured person feels shame, guilt, anger, profound betrayal, and also maybe a kind of moral disorientation, as though they no longer know the difference between right and wrong. And the effects can be devastating.

  • Research Roundup 14

    Our world is now flooded with data. We’re deluged with snippets that might be vital, but more often mean little. Our brains aren’t really set up to sift, filter, and prioritize the blizzards of info bits we struggle through.