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10 More Top CBT Worksheets Websites

Reinvigorate your CBT toolbox with this list of resources

10 more sites for CBT worksheets

Hi, it’s Rosie again, content manager here at Uncommon Knowledge. Because the first CBT worksheets article quickly became one of the most popular on the site, I’ve had another created for you.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) remains one of the most widely used therapeutic treatment approaches in mental health today. With its heavy emphasis on homework and tasks that take place outside of the therapy room, CBT challenges practitioners to continually find clinically sound and accessible worksheets, tools, and resources from reliable sources.

Well, challenge accepted! We’ve scoured the internet to find more of those hidden gems that every CBT therapist loves to have in their toolbox.

— Rosie Collinge, Content Manager, Uncommon Knowledge

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1. TheraNest

If you’re in private practice, you may have heard about TheraNest. TheraNest is a highly rated and well-respected practice management software company. What you might not know is that TheraNest offers some great free resources for therapists.


Two of the free resources currently offered focus on anger management and on self-esteem issues. Based on the principles of CBT, each worksheet, template, and activity is free and downloadable. They even have an anger management worksheet for kids!

Visit TheraNest’s topic-specific resource centres here:

2. Autism Teaching Strategies

When you think of autism, you don’t automatically think of CBT. But in fact, many of the strategies used with clients with ASD are based on CBT principles.

Autism Teaching Strategies

This site offers a number of resources and free downloadable CBT worksheets on topics such as communication and emotions. Finding resources for working with clients with ASD can be challenging. Autism Teaching Strategies is one of those hidden treasures that every therapist hopes to find.

Check out their free social skills downloads here.

3. CBT Worksheets

CBT Worksheets offers information about CBT as well as a number of free CBT-related downloads.

CBT Worksheets

Visitors to the site will find an informative discussion of various CBT worksheets and their use. This information can be especially helpful when trying to explain the use of worksheets in therapy to clients who may not be expecting this type of intervention. More in-depth CBT worksheets and workbooks are also available for purchase.

4. DBT Self-Help

This website offers a variety of resources both for the individual seeking help and for clinicians. There are a number of tools available as well as links to other resources. One section in particular, the Skills Lessons, provides well-constructed, easy-to-understand interventions.

DBT Self-Help

The site also offers a great CBT-based self-help guide, which you can access here.

5. Positive Psychology Program

This site is hands-down one of the best CBT resources out there. Scroll down and you’ll find a ton of free worksheets, guides, and resources for a variety of needs. The site also has links to some of the best paid CBT tools and resources for those therapists looking for more.

Positive Psychology Program

One of the best free resources on this site is A Therapist’s Guide to Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This is an essential, right-to-the-point tool for therapists looking for guidance in providing brief CBT. If you’re a CBT practitioner, don’t overlook this gem! Access it here.

6. The Beck Institute

No discussion of CBT tools would be complete without mentioning The Beck Institute, the home of CBT. The Beck Institute’s website offers a number of tools and resources for the CBT therapist and client. Some are offered free on the site. Additional resources are available for purchase.

The Beck Institute

Check out their CBT page here.

7. Printable Worksheets

This is a great little go-to site for simple, easy-to-use worksheets for a variety of needs. You’ll find links to simple, straightforward worksheets as well as more clinically focused tools for the clinician. The site offers some of its own tools as well as links to other resources on other sites.

Printable Worksheets

8. Mental Illness Research, Education, and Clinical Center (MIRECC) (US Department of Veterans Affairs)

The MIRECC site has a wealth of information and resources for working with veterans and their unique mental health needs.


This is a great resource for working with veterans with depression using a CBT model of intervention.

9. Pesky gNATs Workbook

Pesky gNATs is a site and approach designed to address the needs of children and adolescents. This workbook contains worksheets to help young clients learn to manage an array of emotional and behavioral problems. According to the website, the workbook is now available in English (UK), English (USA), Spanish, Arabic, Slovakian, Slovenian, Polish, and German.

Pesky gNATs Workbook

The workbook is intended for use by clinicians to assist them in their clinical practice. As such, it is free but must be requested from the author. You can contact Dr. O’Reilly at to request your copy.

10. Morning Light Counseling Library

Morning Light Counseling Library is an online mental health resource designed to bring effective, user-friendly resources to people in need of support. It is also an excellent resource for clinicians.

Morning Light Counseling Library

The CBT page offers a nice selection of tools for learning CBT skills and strategies. You’ll find even more tips and tools on the issue-specific pages on the site. Check out the range of CBT handouts here.

So there you have it. 10 more of the best CBT worksheet and resource sites out there. Sure, there are more, and you probably have a few little go-to gems of your own. But in the world of clinical practice, if there’s one truth, it’s that we are always looking for good (and free!) tools and resources for our clinical toolboxes. So take these and keep building on success with your clients!

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Mark uses solution focussed questions, reframing, conversational hypnosis and hypnotic phenomena to help expand her ideas as to what hypnosis is and how it can be done. She has suffered from depression but says that thanks to doing one of the Uncommon Knowledge courses she is now depression free! She has theorized that her fear of success/failure may be related to a school time experience, and feels she could have done better in life than she has done.

Mark begins to induce hypnosis by describing it and uses arm levitation, eyelid catalepsy, and hypnotic rehearsal to help her feel ready to actually start seeing clients. Click here to be notified when UPTV is open for booking.

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